U2 Space Baby

Hyperlaunch Powers U2’s Space Baby App


Hyperlaunch developed the U2 Space Baby app, a unique application created for one of the most anticipated entertainment installations of the year. The app was designed for U2’s performances at The Sphere in Las Vegas, a $2.3 billion venue featuring a 111-metre high LED screen.

Screenshots of the U2 Space Baby App

The Challenge

The main challenge was to create an app that allows users to “tune in” to a talking space baby displayed on The Sphere’s exosphere during U2’s performances. The crucial requirement was to provide perfectly synchronised audio with the space baby’s visual movements, ensuring a seamless experience for users.

The Solution

Hyperlaunch used their proprietary “no-latency” audio player to achieve perfect synchronisation between audio and visuals. This technology ensured users experienced zero delay, maintaining the illusion of the space baby speaking directly to them.

Screenshots of the U2 Space Baby App

To further enhance synchronisation, the app employs real-time web socket technology to stay perfectly in sync with The Sphere’s screen technology. Hyperlaunch is the first company in the world to achieve this level of integration.

Additionally, the app uses Turso and Vercel for full edge distribution, allowing quick content delivery across the globe. Built with Astro, the app delivers fast performance even under heavy load, accommodating U2’s large international fan base.

Technical Details


The app was an immediate success, attracting over 10,000 unique users within the first hour of launch. This rapid adoption highlighted the app’s appeal and the flawless performance delivered by Hyperlaunch’s solutions.

Client Testimonials

Chris Drury, Head of Production at Modern English, said, “It was a pleasure collaborating with Hyperlaunch. Their skill and capability made this complex project a reality.”

Chris Garrett, CEO of Hyperlaunch, added, “Developing something for a venue as advanced as The Sphere shows our ability to tackle and solve intricate technical problems with innovation.”


The U2 Space Baby app showcases Hyperlaunch’s technical expertise and innovative solutions. By using their no-latency audio player and real-time web socket technology, alongside Turso, Vercel, and Astro, Hyperlaunch delivered a seamless and engaging user experience for U2’s global fan base. This project, realised in collaboration with Modern English, highlights the potential for future integrations. Brands looking to develop partner apps for their Sphere content should get in touch with Hyperlaunch to explore new possibilities.

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